About us

Kennel Dalnews was established in May 2004 and our first litter of Dalmatian puppies was born in March 2005. Our first Dalmatian came from Kennel Solbo’s in Sweden and her name was Solbo’s Chiba “Tara”. She gave us so much of herself and was a true Dalmatian, and we became so in love with the breed that we in 2004 decided that we wanted another girl from the same lines as Tara. And in 2004 Dalmo’s Evita “Tini” from Kennel Dalmo in Norway moved in with us. Tara and Tini are our brood bitches and it is from these two girls our lines are built on.


We became very active within the Dalmatian environment and the interest of breeding became apparent. In 2004, I was elected to the board of the Norwegian Dalmatian Club and served as a board member/secretary for a period of more than 10 years. Later I also went to the breeding council. In addition to boarding and breeding councils, I have participated in various courses and seminars.

We breed Dalmatians in a home environment. With home environment we mean that we have our puppies in the living room with us and they get used to all the different sounds in a home. We have often visitor when we have puppies so that the little ones get used to meet many different people. We want our puppies to be social and trustworthy when they come to their new homes and therefore we put a lot of effort into socializing the puppies.


For us, temperament and health comes first when it comes to choosing the parents for a Dalnews litter and we are committed to following the Norwegian Dalmatian Club’s requirements for breeding dogs. Our puppy litters are announced through the Norwegian Dalmatian Club's puppy service.


All our puppies are registered in the Norwegian Kennel Club with a pedigree, they are ID-labeled with chip, vaccinated with an EU passport, dewormed 4 times and each puppy has its own health certificate from our regular veterinarian.


Kennel Dalnews are located in Ås, 1/2 hour drive south/east of Oslo. Are you interested in becoming a owner of a Dalnews puppy or have any questions please feel free to contact us on our email - erika@kenneldalnews.com.

Erika Sparre Holm

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